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I am a user experience researcher with 4 years of experience implementing human-centered design into academia, policy spaces, and NGOs. I am currently helping government partners use technology to actualize business goals, design systems that are accessible and sustainable, and communicate complex technical problems to users internally and externally.


Student Analyst, Beeck Center for Social Impact + Innovation, Washington, DC    01/20 – present 

Pose recommendations to project leadership for creative qualitative research and civic tech strategy. Work with a team of four (ux researchers, chief-technology-officer, program manager, deputy director) in the Digital Service Collaborative to curate research centered around the government digital service delivery field. Lead Upskilling the Gov Tech Workforce portfolio aiming to build on the limited good models that already exist, and create templates for job titles, position descriptions, and career ladders, examine existing training curriculum and opportunities to identify gaps in content, barriers to accessing this content, and recommendations for training pathways for government leaders, and explore the creation of a professional association for government digital service delivery professionals in partnership with the Agile Government Leadership Association. Lead the New Digital Service Teams portfolio to focus on ways to support the learning and strategic design of similar initiatives in other governments such as specific strategies, technical processes, successes and failures, opportunities for replication and scaling, and key indicators. This includes weekly check-ins managing researchers using human-centered design techniques to record best practices of the New Jersey Office of Innovation and Colorado Digital Service teams. Collaborate with fellows on workshops, project deep dives, discovery sprints, and other professional development opportunities. Familiarize self with civic tech resources including the Civic Tech Field Guide and Civic Tech Slack. 

Significant accomplishments: 

● Created products intended for use at the Code for America Summit Beeck Center workshop in tandem with partners at the MIT Media Lab, briefings for government digital service professionals, and roundtable discussion. Build relationships with industry vendors and equip department Directors to utilize technology to produce user-friendly data stories, visualizations, apps, and reports online. 

● Led design and development of a research project under the Upskilling the Gov Tech Workforce portfolio. Using user experience research methods and human-centered design, I surveyed and interviewed past and current gov tech professionals about their experiences in the field, extracting insights such as placement of value, potential partnerships, and pathways for entry-level gov tech professionals. 

● Assisted in the U.S. Digital Service Response team during COVID-19 pandemic and volunteered for the Coronavirus Tech Handbook to serve as a ‘librarian’


Education Policy Communication Intern, New America, Washington D.C.                   09/18 – 12/19 Communications Intern for New America’s Education Policy team. Redesigned company-wide, program specific, and public newsletter after conducting A/B testing for content and design. Present best practices for staff incorporating new communication technologies such as Asana, Tweet Deck, and various project management platforms. Craft communication plans for each policy analyst report release, familiarizing myself with content and its reach. 


Significant accomplishments: 

● The only intern to lead activity at the Education Policy team retreat, capturing workshop sentiment. Helped facilitate and plan retreat activities.

● Published article discussing the importance of accessibility in data visualization featured in New America’s Weekly + syndicated in Pacific Standard.

● Redesign of company-wide newsletter using insights from A/B testing and design thinking.


Communication Intern, Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, Washington, DC           1/19 – 05/19 The communication intern is responsible for all public relations for the museum, including corresponding with media, assisting with publicity for exhibitions and supporting media needs at special events. Monitored and recorded publicity garnered for the museum, researched media contacts, responded to visitor comments, emailed marketing and addressed media inquiries. In charge of digital image and credit line requests from independent researchers. Visitor relations via email.  Assembled press kits and supported the public affairs staff at press previews. Assisted with film crews and photographers. Drafted weekly programming tweets and Instagram posts. Implemented usability testing for language guides and accessible routes in galleries. 


Marketing Research Intern, Olson Zaltman Associates, Pittsburgh, PA                              1/18– 5/18 Intern providing insight analysis for user interviews conducted for clients in Fortune 500 companies. Aid in the creation of personas through the collection of qualitative interview data. Create slide decks that communicate insights to clients using research to support claims. Coding of interviews.

Research Assistant, UPCLOSE, Pittsburgh, PA                                                               5/17 – 12/18

Worked as an undergraduate research assistant for the University of Pittsburgh’s Center for Learning in Out-of-School Environments. Coding of interviews. Worked in partnership with the Carnegie Museum of Natural History’s Education, Programming, and Science & Research directors to answer the question: What is a 21st Century Naturalist? Interpret on-the-floor ethnographic research using observation data of summer camps. Transcribe 748 minutes of audio files for projects working with Remake Learning to understanding maker spaces in rural areas (WV + PA) and literacy in at-risk populations. 


Marketing Assistant, Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh, PA                    1/16 – 12/18

First intern to support museum’s Marketing Department. Archived and tagged over 5,000 images to online cloud storage. Managed scheduling of content and created captions for varying topics, consulting internal scientists. Photographed over 500 specimens, exhibits, and events for social media platforms. Assisted in 1500 page website redesign after conducting 10 focus groups and collecting over 100 visitor responses via survey. Developed landscape analysis of 30 tri state area museums for strategic plan implementation and brand development. 



Communication + Strategy 

● Project management, product management, needs assessments, technical requirements, production schedules, insight analysis, consulting 

● Editing writing / copy and complex language for universal understanding, accuracy, and brevity 

● Cross-cultural communication, oral presentation, problem solving, active listening, workshop and panel facilitation, group training, conflict resolution

● Data analysis, data visualization, metrics and measurement, quantitative and qualitative research, Excel, Tableau, SPSS, web analytics 

● JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Salesforce, Wordpress, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Canva, Hootsuite, Tweet Deck

● Social media and digital marketing on email, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, YouTube 

● Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Google Apps, Mailchimp, Constant Contact

User Experience + Government Technology 

● Usability testing, information architecture, basic interaction design, persona creation, web strategy and analytics, wireframe production, rapid prototyping, content analysis, A/B testing, card sorting

● Figma, Sketch, Mockplus, Framer 

● Various gov tech stakeholder communications with partners at NGOs, White House, and Federal Agencies

● Strategic content planning, project management, human-centered design 

● Public and government affairs (National Portrait Gallery, Beeck Center for Social Impact + Innovation, Carnegie Museum of Natural History) 



M.A. Communication, Culture, and Technology

Georgetown University

Concentration: User Experience

Thesis: A modern Digital Accessibility Issue: Understanding Social Media Anxiety in Young Adult Users 


B.S. Psychology + B.A. Communication Rhetoric

University of Pittsburgh

Cum laude, Lambda Pi Eta (National Communication Association), Psi Chi (International Honor Society in Psychology), Chi Omega Fraternity 


A Modern Digital Accessibility Issue: Understanding Social Media Anxiety in Users


Syndicated in Pacific Standard, Original article in New America’s Weekly 



Car Barn Academy, Using User Experience Methods to Organize Your Life



Education Policy Team Retreat

Using Haikus via Twitter to capture retreat instant feedback