My Process

I think everyone has a voice, but a lot of us may be saying the same thing. I look for themes throughout customers' behavior by employing UX methods. I use a combination of Agile Project Development skills and human-centered design. 

  1. Conceptualize - Projects are envisioned and prioritized within scope of goals.

  2. Inception - Team members are identified, funding is put in place, and initial environments and requirements are discussed.

  3. Empathy mapping -  employed to understand potential users or those affected by project.

  4. Values assessment -  looking at ecosystems and landscapes of the environment you are trying to change. Ranking issues in order or importance to the user not necessarily the client or organization.

  5. Iteration/Construction -  working to deliver working prototypes based on iteration requirements and feedback conducted through 1-week discovery sprint. 

  6. Storytelling -  giving a voice to the data and highlighting users who are affected

  7. Feedback -  asking all stakeholders involved in the process their thoughts on insights 

  8. Production -  final release of the iteration into production + ongoing monitoring 

  9. Reflection -  whether this be writing, internal process documentation, or client report, making sure the process can be recreated by another if needed