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Research Recruitment Redesign

Research Brief

Recruitment Process (13).png


  • Research recruitment is the process in which we find participants to engage in your study. 

  • Recruitment success is defined as learning from enough of the right people at the right time, via high quality conversations.

  • There needs to be a process put in place so that the UX Research Recruiter has enough information to identify the right people as quickly as possible, giving researchers and designers more time for those high quality conversations. 

Learning Goals

  • What is the definition of a "done" for recruitment?

  • How can we support our team and research partners during the recruitment process?

  • How can we collaborate with the Design Ops and User Research Teams?

  • What does this process look like?

  • How can we make sure our stakeholders are aware?

  • How can we we measure impact of this work?

The Plan

Below is an overview of the recruitment process in six easy steps:

  1. Post your request in the Design Ops backlog 

  2. Let us know who you want to speak with by completing a recruitment plan 

  3. Fill out the Design Ops recruitment form 

  4. Check-in with the UX Research Recruiter to add any additional details to your request.

  5. Wait for Recruiter to set up your test, then provide feedback on the study design using the test link. They’ll make any necessary changes so it’s ready to go. 

  6. If you are a researcher, please review the Light Seat doc before proceeding

  7. Recruiter launches your test on UserTesting. (You conduct your post-test insight analysis and share the insights with your team)


  • coming soon

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