Hi there! Thanks for learning more about my work. Now it's time to learn about me.*

I am a user experience researcher. Emphasis on researcher. Although I enjoy design, learning about people's thoughts and behaviors are what drives most of my work. It is my dream to work in digital service delivery within the U.S. government. Instead of looking at government as sterile and lagging, I see it as room for innovation and understanding of agency best practices already in place.

I’ve spent most of my life in academia whilst holding internships in various fields of public policy communication, market research, and user experience fields. I have spent the past 2 years completing my master’s degree at Georgetown University studying Communication, Culture, and Technology.

This year, I am completing my thesis research implementing user experience methods to better understand the effects that social media platforms can have on users’ anxiety levels in hopes for more social responsibility from big tech and better accessibility measures from designers. 

Throughout my internships, I’ve been able to grasp a greater understanding of audience perception in its various forms in corporate settings as well as public facing organizations. This has led to the research that I’m working on now and what I hope to do in the future. 

For my next gig, I'd ideally like to be in a collaborative role within an organization that sits at some of the intersections where I've previously worked—user experience research, government transparency/accountability, and civic tech/tech policy. 

*in my free time I love walking my dog, learning new recipes, cooking with friends, taking pictures around the city, DIY-ing, and reading a good book. You can find me in a coffee shop or on a blanket in Meridian Hill Park. [right now, you can find me in my house] 


Talk to ya soon!